• If you wish to return or change the product, you can do it within 7 days from the delivery. You need to submit to us your request and why do you return or change the product via e-mail or mail.

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E-MAIL ADDRESS: ipekarnas@gmail.com
• The product should be unharmed and in its original packing enclosed with its original invoice for reimbursement to be done.
• In case of return and change, shipping expenses will be provided by the purchaser.
• If the product is returned due to manufacturer’s defect or it has been shipped in wrong size by the manufacturer, shipping expenses will be provided by the manufacturer.
• A guide, in which maintenance and cleaning instructions for the product are explained, is provided with the products. The purchaser should observe these maintenance and cleaning instructions. ipekarnas.com will not be responsible for any damage and loss arising from nonperformance or inappropriate performance of these instructions. Products may not be returned due to this reason.
• You can find all specifications and features relevant to the products on our website. After these information are read and accepted the sale will be completed. Content of the product is also provided in the guide that is provided with the product, along with website. You should check for any product, to which you are allergic, or may harm you in any way (you may have sensitivity to wool, you may allergic to angora) and thus place your order. ipekarnas.com will not be responsible for such situations. Any expenses and customs and taxes, in the case you live abroad, relevant to returns due to this reason will belong to the purchaser.
ipekarnas.com manufactures knitted and hand-knitted products. The purchaser should read care labels before using the product. ipekarnas.com will not be responsible for any damages due to inappropriate use of the product. However, when certain situations in question, ipekarnas.com may repair ipekarnas.com branded products in accordance with the usage conditions, current condition of the product and possibilities not to aggrieve the purchaser. You need to send an e-mail, which explains the problem relevant to the product, to  ipekarnas@gmail.com  Shipping expenses relevant to such a return, and customs and taxes, if you live abroad, will belong to the purchaser.
• If the product you purchased does not fit and you request a size change, you need to return the product in 1 week at the latest and send an e-mail your request before returning the product. You need to inform us about your size. When the order is ready to be delivered and dispatched, you will be informed thereof. Please, send your return and change requests to  ipekarnas@gmail.com  In such a case, if ipekarnas.com has not shipped the product in wrong size, shipping mail expenses will be provided by the purchaser.
• The product you returned will be delivered to ipekarnas.com in accordance with customs practices. Before your order is reimbursed, any shipping, transportation and return shipping service fee and all relevant taxes will be deducted from the cost  of your order and reimbursed to you. Therefore, ipekarnas.com will not be responsible for the returns due to customs practices.
• Customs and taxes applicable to international deliveries cannot be predicted. Each added tax and customs expenses will be customer’s liability. These applications vary with each country. ipekarnas.com do not provide payments due to these applications. In such a case, please contact the customs office of your country beforehand.
• Your reimbursement will be deposited within 1 week  after the product is returned to us to the credit card account, through which the payment has been made. You will be informed thereof via e-mail. Your bank may add a couple of days to the reimbursement date.
• You may  ask  all relevant questions via e-mail to ipekarnas@gmail.com or call following telephone number: +90 216 416 86 40
• Should you return your  order, you will be reimbursed after shipping fees, customs and taxes, if any, are deducted from your payment.